Release date: Q4 2015
Genre -RPG
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About the game

On a colossal spaceship, a young Noman awakens from cryogenic sleep—unknowingly holding humanity’s last best hope in his bare hands. . . .
InSomnia is a Dieselpunk RPG that transports you to a retro-futuristic space station on a 400-year journey in search of a new home. Explore the world as a Noman warrior—or hide in the shadows as an outcast. Perhaps you’ll be a charismatic leader—or maybe you’ll become an apex predator with bloodshot eyes and a thrill for the kill. Either way, you will have to muster the strength to survive in order to find out why mankind has embarked on such a risky journey through uncharted space. InSomnia offers an epic, non-linear storyline with many ‘points of no return’ (think of them as forks in the road) and deep, immersive gameplay. The fate of the space station’s many inhabitants will depend on your choices.
Join us in the metal corridors and crumbling machinery of InSomnia!

Key Features:

Nonlinear Storyline - Embark on rich non-linear quests and missions with a multitude of possible solutions, complex decision-making, branched dialogue, puzzles & lots of Easter eggs.

Apocalyptic\diesel-punk stylistics with a dark, ambient musical score - Experience an RPG with the retro-futuristic styling of diesel-punk featuring man-made, apocalyptic landscapes. Explore the mysterious, colossal semi-abandoned space station that has been ominously on course to the mysterious ‘Evacuation Point’ for 400 years. All this underneath a dark, ambient musical score drawing the player in to this universe.

FreeDom of choice & Character development - Develop your character through tactical real-time combat & crafting systems. Combine hundreds of skills and abilities for your unique avatar, as well as manage and customize a huge number of items and equipment to produce a distinctive visual look.

Single Player\Co-op campaigns - Play through the atmospheric main campaign alone or with friends. Each player’s set of decisions and the choices they make in game will directly influence the main storyline.

Only the tough will survive! - Survive starvation, extreme weather, injuries. Uncover awesome loot in secret challenge rooms, so coop will be you of help!