Nvidia GTX 900 series releasing in October according to Gigabyte

Nvidia is said to be showing off its GTX 900 series at EGX London later this month, and the report also states the firm will be skipping out on releasing an 800 line of cards.Purportedly, Nvidia won’t call the next series of cards GTX 800 due to some confusion it would create between the card maker’s desktop and mobile product lines.
GTX 980 is built on a 28mm chip which clocks at 1000MHz and it has 4GB of video memory and it is 30% faster than Nvidia’s 780Ti.
The GTX 980 and GTX 970 will release first, with the GTX 960 releasing later.
Nvidia’s Titan Z, 780Ti, 780, 770 and 760 cards will continue to be supported for a bit.

Gigabyte revealed the GTX 900 series rwill arrive sometime in October 2014.

970GTX photos:

Galaxy 970GTX

MSI GTX970 Twin Frozr v

Zotac GTX970

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Leaked Benches of 970GTX

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