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Hardland is sort of a spiritual successor to Minigore. it is an upcoming open-world action adventure RPG game. We want to make it a place full of characters and creatures each with their own wants, needs and ways of working. Everything, from the creation of the world to the behavior of animals, operates by their own set of rules. This makes each play experience unique.We don't want to tell the player a story - we want the player to tell their own.


You wake up in a strange land ruled by the peculiar Elder King. Big changes are happening all over the world and it is rumoured the king who has ruled for 1000 years is dying. His minions have been dispatched to find a cure. You can try to help or you can do whatever you wish, this is your story!


  • Procedurally generated towns and wilderness.
  • All characters can be killed if you wish to play an evil character.
  • Faction based quest system, some quests can only be completed if you meet the faction requirements.
  • You can craft and wear masks which disguise your true identity.
  • Objects have physics and almost everything can be destroyed.
  • Beautiful stop motion film inspired visuals.
  • Deadly traveling merchants.
  • Destructible terrain.