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Thread: Galaxy note III bezel replacement

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    Default Galaxy note III bezel replacement

    Is it possible to replace the bezel of note 3 in BD?

    I called some phone repair shops and they say that I would have to replace the whole display costing 12000 as the bezel is attached with it. After searching through forums I found that it can be done and it is going to be risky for a novice repair man. The display has to be heated with a heat gun and the whole phone has to be taken apart. I just need a good repairman. I can get the bezel off ebay. I called a couple of phone repair shops and they say that they can't do it.

    I like to keep my phones shiny, so the tiny scratches really bothers me. The plastic bezel is way to cheap and fragile...Any suggestions??
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    have you tried eastern plaza? heard they can do it for iphone!

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