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Thread: MSI GT72 DOMINATOR PRO with a New Cooling Concept

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    Default MSI GT72 DOMINATOR PRO with a New Cooling Concept

    Evolution of the ultimate GTX’s gaming laptop ---
    MSI “GT72 Dominator/Pro” Gaming NB, brand new design and unique features with latest NVIDIA GTX graphics

    Taipei Taiwan – MSI, the leading gaming computer innovator and manufacturer, now announce the latest “GT72 Dominator/Pro gaming laptops featuring NVIDIA’s powerful GeForce GTX880M (Dominator Pro) and GTX870M (Dominator) graphics. With brush metal and aesthetics lines inspired by matte black racing super cars, the new GT72 gaming notebook is designed to be overwhelming dominator of the cyber world. The cutting-edge features, groundbreaking performance, and innovative gaming experience of MSI's gaming laptops are dominating gamers’ battlefield with MSI gaming DNA. It is believed that the new GT72 Dominator/Pro will be steadily winning over extreme gamers around the world during 2014.

    Eric Kuo, vice president for global sales & marketing, MSI Notebook, points out, "As a result of the booming competition gaming market, there has been an increasing number of heavy-load games, so gamers are demanding more in terms of graphics, functions, and other design features specifically for gamers. MSI has heard their desire and responded with numerous breakthroughs and innovations. The result has been gaming laptops with the latest processor and display card on the market, most advanced and rich array of gaming features, and better gamer-friendly experience."

    The gaming oriented design and performance of MSI gaming notebooks is winning over more and more enthusiast gamers. MSI, which has worked with many gaming teams in all kinds of gaming activities and competitions, including world-renowned team FNATIC. Patrik, under whose leadership the team has won over a dozen first places in CS world gaming competitions in a decade, points out on a regular basis, "The superior gaming experience, performance, and durability of MSI gaming notebook computers have made them our team's only choice, because you can really depend on them when the bullets start flying. In fact, not only are they great for gaming, they are the ideal choice for multimedia too. No matter where we go in the world to compete or take part in activities, our laptops can be up and ready and we can be practicing in Full HD in no time at all. One major reason FNATIC has done so well as a team because of our MSI gaming machines."
    --- MSI Gaming Pan India Sales Representative ---

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    Check this out everyone!

    --- MSI Gaming Pan India Sales Representative ---

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