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    series: mabinogi (prequel to mabinogi heroes)
    rated:mature audience

    category:action,dark fantasy, online role playing game

    INTRODUCTIONS: the goddess morrighan who had ruled over all good things one earth, fought and defeated the evil dark god. but to to seal him, morrighan herself had to go into a deep slumber. but before she had done so, she had said "when the last drop of fomorian blood has been spilt, i shall lead you all to paradise" .
    The game revolves around action combat with hidden traps in the dungeon, each character has unique physic, weapon, past and personality about them. and each npc has their own unique traits and background story as well.
    first things first

    well, lets just say you do not start out with a fresh breeze, and dont expect to get any. its a dark fantasy medi evil times. you start out in the prologue as a mercenary rookie who has to kill that giant spider on the picture.
    do not worry, it has a starting cut-scene so you can enjoy a little story. and when you kill that spider, the stupid oracle will feel sad that the spider is dead rather than how you COULD HAVE DIED trying to survive that spider's rampage. but later on, it gets serious and really interesting . you will not only get involved with political mess but also in the entire prophecy and all. and there are cut-scenes on occasions so you can enjoy them

    much like many other games, this game does not offer your own character. how ever, it is replaced with original characters set that you can choose from, customize and name .
    lann the gladiator
    our primary choice is the gladiator lann, a hot headed fast character who can combo non stop and even continue attacking after dodging . that only thing limiting him from spamming his attacks on everyone is the stamina bar (thank GOD). he can use dual blades or dual lance(speed or power).
    fiona the guardian
    second choice is fiona, a classic female character with sword and shield(or hammer if you prefer) and is a tank type character. though she is still fast enough to dodge out on almost any boss attacks.
    evie the mage
    For mage lovers, you can use evie who is a female magician with a huge variety, or for more dark evil lovers, can use her secondary weapon, the scythe as do bloody combos and steal life from others.
    kai the sharpshooter
    people who like to shoot arrows or guns should feel happy, there is a class that can use cross bows and normal bows along with chain for combos.his name is kai and he is a character for all kiters( dont worry gun lovers, the new character named arashi is being developed to wield gun and sword)
    vella the swordsmaster
    for poor girls who wanted to play dual sword lann but female can now be happy that vella has been released. but thats not all, vella, who can not only wield dual blades, but also wield chained blades and go all god of war mode on enemies.
    karok the savage
    karok is a savage who can use pillars(you read that right) or cestus to fight. he is the biggest character available to play, who can not only grab every type of monster there is(dont worry, every character can grab) but he can also grab boss characters which is limited to only him .
    princess lynn
    lynn is the princess of a kingdom long lost and has come back to reclaim her kingdom. she uses martial arts with her glaive and currently lacks a secondary choice of weapons unfortunately. but do not worry, you get enough action from that 1 glaive .
    hurk the berserker
    our last character for now and my favorite, is hurk the berserker. wielding a giant blade, hurk sits in the corner of the bar where every knows to avoid him. he is the only character who can continue on attacking non stop even after finishers and even when he runs out of stamina. he is also the only class who can counter boss attacks
    and is also able to do exciting attacks like stabbing monsters into his blade and them mashing them into the ground.( trust me, you'll waste more time smashing those monsters than actually playing the rest of the game :oxD )

    character customization:
    unlike so many other games out there, this game has a vast amount of customization options to make your character look good. that means you can enjoy the awesome cool looks of your character, that is if you have cash. thats the big flaw of this game. to make money from this awesome game, the developers had to put a wall on the advanced customization. that means if you want to make your character look good after you create them. you need money.

    in-game stuff:
    vindictus offers many ingame fun things to do while not grinding your time off on dungeons . you can play fruit smash with other players, compete in 1 on 1 duals or siege pvp or even simply pose around town and take pictures and post them in the forums for the enjoyment. you can buy just about everything with gold. also, if you happen to like games where you can go into a special mode lik devil trigger like devil may cry or oni from onimusha, then you might be happy that this game also offers you a path system. either you choose a paladin from the way of light and fight for the sake of protecting others, or you fight for yourself and choose dark knight from the path of darkness. both offer a transformation unique to them to look good and give great bonus. btw, its mature audience for a reason :3 . youtube vindictus succubus mod or succubus boss battle if you wanna know

    the game is primarily action combat and has various options like using spears to throw at enemies, smoke bombs, flash bombs, grenades, chain hooks and some other things. in this game, anything is a weapon. so dont worry if your weapon breaks midway , bcz you can literally pick up anything in this game and use them to either throw or attack. so dont be shy, kill those mother futchkas with a dish plate you just found around the corner :ogrr .
    also, grabbing is fun because grabs have different finishers if you right click near certain obstacle like kicking enemies off the edge or smashing them into the wall like a fruit punch, or even throwing goblins into other goblins :oxD . and if you get bored, just use a vase and throw it at them.

    graphics and settings:
    the minimum requirements for this game is core 2 duo and amd radeon 5450 HD . but you best have an i3 if you want to multi task while playing this game. vindictus also makes use of multi cores and multi thread. so if you have a quad core or dual core with more threads, you can reap the benefits.
    The game also offers gamepad support or keyboard only support for gamers who hate mouse+keyboard combo can enjoy this. audio also benefits from multiple sound box, so no more stereo for 5:1 soundbox users and if you hate going through all those annoying detail settings, just use the simple mode and go with the easiest option

    do not play this game if you cant stand insects.. not only do you start off with having to kill a giant furry spider, but you also have to kill small spiders, roaches and have to deal with slugs later on. disgusting i tell you. the game offers great combat and good story, along with very good character customization choice, and some good side stuff to do, but the game is ip blocked(that means you need vpn to play) and often you will get bored from grinding if you play alone. so try out the game if you feel like trying a dark themed game and hope you enjoy .

    PS: i forgot to add many in game contents which cannot be posted here due to age restrictions(gore and stuff). and sorry for the bad review

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    yup .... this game uses peer system so if you play solo, you shouldnt be lagging ... the lag will actually take effect if you play with someone else from the game's designated region

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