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Thread: legend of zelda(more!)

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    Default legend of zelda(more!)

    alright, so i am currently playing ocarina of time with emulator on pc, downloaded majorra's mask, twilight princess and wind waker . so i need to know, is there any other games that i can play on pc with emulator? any other zelda titles at all?

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    You can practically play any old games via emulator. Feel free to browse this site for your gaming needs.
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    i need legend of zelda titles man :/

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    Aside from Wii U and 3DS titles, you can emulate the rest easily. You just have to download an emulator and a ROM.

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    I am a zelda fan... Wind Walker porjonto sob khelechi.. A link to the past is best. Actually it is best RPG, IT IS BEST GAME EVER MADE. Try it.... Minish cap ta o darun lagche. android e manabe valo. Gameboy Advance diye khelen.

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