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Thread: Heel to Heel

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    Default Heel to Heel

    I cant control my heel to heel.

    I play with barca.When i do heel to heel skill with messi i see sometime he do a left foot heel to heel (that means he start with his left foot and end with right foot) and sometime a right foot heel to heel (that means he start with his right foot and end with left foot).How can i be sure that my player will do a heel to heel with his left or right foot?

    It causes some problem.I cant do trick pass or beat the defender all the time (as i dont know my player will start heel to heel with which foot).

    Please give me solution.
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    Default Re: Heel to Heel

    u can't control it. It depends on the ball is on which foot. and the trick is performed to that side of the foot having the ball.

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    Default Re: Heel to Heel

    Thanks abir bhai

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