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Thread: need Thermal Pasting Service for my laptop

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    Default need Thermal Pasting Service for my laptop

    Dear All,

    I have done thermal pasting on GPU and CPU on my own before, but It was Acer and Asus laptop. Now I have Alienware Laptop and It running really hot. Before I had done thermal pasting service abroad with Arctic Silver mx5 paste and it wasnt very good.

    Do you guy know any service place in dhaka where they do thermal pasting? Also where can I buy good quality paste for my laptop in Dhaka

    I prefer Ic Diamond 5 or Cool Labatory Ultra paste any info how to get it?

    The reason i am not doing on my own because Opening Up Alienware is very complex and tricky. Please help and let me know if some shops offer the service

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    I don't think the shops you will find have more expertise on the matter than you have. AS5 has a burn in period, are you sure you that the paste has settled in? And also, are you sure that your Laptop is free from viruses (some viruses can crank up CPU/GPU usage like crazy) and look for reviews online for the particular model of your laptop to see if other people are experiencing the same issue as you are.

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    Virus is not the issue as i refortmatted hdd and fresh install windows. I applied Ms5 around 5 months ago. Is there any I can get help here?

    Also where can i buy Ic Diamond 7 or Cool Labatory Ultra paste in Dhaka?

    I am scared to do on my own my laptop model is m18x-r2. Other users not experiencing this problem. they just repaste by themselves

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