The following is a blog from WCG gold medalist and SK FIFA player Joshua 'Kr0ne' Begehr, made for fragster in German but kindly translated into English and provided for by that same site. Kr0ne talks the reader through his WCG adventure which saw him ascend the competitive mountain to reach the gold medal summit and the $10,000 that came along with such an accomplishment.

Kr0ne blogs openly about his feelings, his performance during each stage of the tournament and the feeling of being at "the Olympic Games of eSport

Though blogging is not really one of my strengths, about one month after this year’s World Cyber Games’ closing ceremony within fragster’s advent special, I’d like to deliver you an insight into our trip to China.

It’s been my first WCG and therefore my first tournament of such an international concern. For this reason, although being ready to start, I’ve actually been quite nervous and tense when I arrived at the airport much too early. I was already excited about wearing the German jersey and representing my homeland in Chengdu.

The long flight was all in all very comfortable because in addition to Dennis and Daniel there were also our friends of the Austrian FIFA team. We haven’t met for a long time, so there was a lot to talk about. It was also nice to meet all the other German players and to be able to care for the guy sitting next to me on his first-ever flight *laugh*.

After being a few hours in Korea and the first meeting with the Korean stars (yes, S.o.K.o.L., this is Moooon !!!) we went over to Chengdu and checked in at our hotel. At about 2 a.m. local time we hit tiredly the pillow. The next day the organization planned a trip to the "Panda Base". The most of us were not really excited and happy about this trip, because we slept not that much. Surprisingly I was very motivated the next day to go on the trip. With about 20 coaches and a lot of police cars around them, we drove to the park. During the ride I became aware of some WCG atmosphere in the air, but when my mate Daniel saw my fascinating look he just said, that this atmosphere is already great.

Nevertheless we should wait for the tournament, when all expectations will be surpassed. I am not able to write down the situation exactly, because there are some things in life, you cannot describe with words, everything was so unbelievable great here in China. The Chinese organization made such an effort and did a good job. Thus we, the players, felt really like being on the Olympic Games. I couldn’t say a word - and the official WCG still did not started!

After the arrival in the Panda Park you could notice that all players were getting nervous and excited. However the park was really nice and it was a good compensation to the event stress. The organizer really took care of the players, so everything was relaxing for us.

(However the park was so nice that it was a good contrast to all the stress around me/us, especially to the event stress. The organizer lined the WCG up in lovely way, took care of the players, so we could leave the rest alone and relax a bit.)

WCG is starting … finally!

The next day the World Cyber Games started with an opening celebration. Most of us already knew what to expect, as for me the celebration was wonderful, the program was well structured and pretty interesting. I recognized directly the innuendo of Daniel with reference to the "real WCG atmosphere". While the celebration I looked around in the big hall and knew what Daniel meant: The hall was full of people and just in this moment I felt being on the Olympic Games of eSport.

In my whole career I wished to be a part of all of these professional players, who qualified for such a big contest, but here I was, standing right in the middle of them. (The German national team first sensation wasn’t long in coming.)The first sensation for the German national team did not keep waiting for a long while: Everybody should be informed that yAws played the opening match and pushed the German WC3 status, when he beat Sky on the stage, next to a few hundred Chinese fans.

At the dinner I met the rest of the German WCG team. Everybody, the other players and also our organization - represented with Thomas von Treichel and Josh Vögeding - were pretty pleasant; with this a nice first day in China came to his end. After a good night I felt well prepared for the tournament.

The next day I played some training matches with Mario from Austria, but I would have preferred starting into the tournament already, because I could not wait for my matches and just wanted to be sure that I would reach the playoffs. Having to wait one more day was definitely unneeded. I did not want to be passive anymore and so I just walked around and whined a little bit (sorry mates!).

Apart from playing some training matches I spend the day with Daniel and Dennis and wished them best luck for the tournament. I saw them having no problems with their opponents, even though we had to play with a very slow version of FIFA in China.

I was sorry about our Austrian friend Markus Knopp also known as "gimli". He had to pack his things very early. As for me, seeing someone "going home" in such an early state of the event was good. For this reason I felt awake and alive, because I was sure that everybody would be able to reach the playoffs, while playing in best-of-one-mode.

Otherwise Thursday was boring. In my mind I have already been in the next day, playing against my group opponents, but in this moment thinking about the atmosphere was a good idea and a nice distraction. My only thoughts were: great, you have to go through it. After the opening match of "the sky-defeater" yAws he became very famous in China. But if you walk with Lyn, Sky, infi or even styla and hero, there was no way to walk straight on without being halted by about 20 fans. We had to stop every minute to give autographs and make photos. In China or general in Asia, eSport gets a lot of attention and it is more famous than in Europe.

I am allowed to play ... *jippie*

Finally the tournament started for me. I could not taste my meals, because my tongue was numb and I woke up way too early, since I was so nervous. Therefore I bugged SoKoL with my fear while we were eating breakfast. Everything was as usual, but not how I planned it *ironical*. On the location I was calm. I won my first two games without any problems and could play the style I wanted to. But then I made a big mistake in the third game: I wanted to coerce the win, while a draw would be enough for me. I lost the game with a lot of misfortune. With a group of seven opponents and the best-of-three-mode the next mistake could denote my retirement from the tournament. Now I am really proud that I stayed calm in this situation and won against all my high-skilled opponents. Moreover there had been some attempts of cheating of some players, yet I reached the playoffs.

In the evening I was happy to pass the group-stage and watched some matches of the other Germans. I slept very well and was sure to beat night, lastnight and pio in the next rounds. "Couldn't they botch their group-stage?" I asked myself, but my plan was to look from game to game … doesn't matter .. .

Play-Offs - how far can you get?

"The stage-match against Xaxotun made me much more self-confident. Maybe I am able to remind myself while the next match." I thought. A close one, but because of some lucky moments I won against Night with 2:0. At this time I guessed that he is better than LastNight, who plays the same system (3-4-3) but much more slow.

I was kept in lead up to the 90th minute, but lost the game in minute 120 and I really was really angry at myself, because of my first recess. "If you wanna win the WCG, you will come in every situation you can imagie", Dennis told me the day before. And then it happened: The situation I didn't want to be in against the slowly playing LastNight. However my annoyance changed got me really into the game, so I won the second and the third match against him. After my own match was finished, I got the information that Dennis retired from the tournament and therefore only Daniel and me were remaining. My next opponent was pio, who plays 4-2-2-2. But I could not imagine that he would play this formation any longer, as for Dennis, Daniel or Mario, too. Additionally the second game was very close, hence my presumption became true.

In the evening we went for a dinner with Samsung. Of course it was traditional Chinese food again, even so it was a pretty nice small restaurant with tasty food and an interesting frame program. Daniel and I won the WCG and as for me this evening, but also the fact that both of us will play in the final, were amazing.

It's getting hot in here - thereby it was very cold in Chengdu

At this moment I had to thank Daniel for teaching me so much in FIFA. Without him I would not have been able to be here: in the grand finale of the World Cyber Games. Because of that I will not describe the final match. Together we won for SK Gaming and Team Germany. The third place in the national evaluation was satisfaying for Thomas von Treichel and Josh Vögeding. Later on we could enjoy the award and the final ceremony with the following traditional meal on the Farewell party. We were able to talk with some interesting persons and walk through Chengdu and buy some souvenirs for our families. One month later, the atmosphere, the new people we know, the cultural impressions as well as the German team are all wonderful proceedings. All these things are the facts which form the World Cyber Games.


Joshi (Sk_krone)