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Thread: psn cards?????? any idea from where to buy????

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    Default psn cards?????? any idea from where to buy????

    ok i'v gone crazy about the fifa 10 ultimate team after playing the demo, now i need it but the prob is nor me neither my father has a visa or master card, so do any of u guys have any idea about like from where to buy psn cards in bd or is there any other way around to download payed contents from psn.

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    Default Re: psn cards?????? any idea from where to buy????

    i dont kno about fifa 10. but if you buy fifa 11, you could download fifa 11 ultimate team for free from the psn store. as for the store, i have no idea in bd. if you have a relative in a foreign country, you could tell them to send you one. good luck finding one. i kno this is pretty late but im new in bg.
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