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Thread: Need suggestion on MMORPG

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    Default Need suggestion on MMORPG

    Hi everyone,
    As the title says, I want to start a mmorpg. I have no experience of playing mmorpg so I was wondering which one you guys play. Can you guys suggest me one ? Thanks in advance

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    depends on which type of mmorpg you are looking for. there are many types and many features that are exclusive to some games .

    you could check my mmorpg list to see which mmos i have or you can go to mmosite or mmohut and check out which mmo you want to try.

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    found a mmo named Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter which is free to play on steam. Any thoughts ?

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    the game's specialty is map making. you can make your own dungeons and have other players try it. its a hybrid between action combat and stand still. the game is fun at start, but becomes boring after a while in terms of combat. the story and everything else goes on nicely if you play with friends.

    the game is not new player friendly though , you might have a hard time i think

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    Try With Tera..I dont know can u play it from BAngladesh or not But I am in Europe and I am playing the EU version .Ask Graodon about it he is best about mmorpg that can u play it at asia server or europe too..if u can play in EU verison then I will be there at kilian server And the game is really good u will get almost every kind of experience in here and still it has the best action(untill blood and soul t hink) style and there are lots of player and no cheat is allowed and without paying real cash u may have almost everything in TERA.So hope c u soon

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