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Thread: finally Uttara aaaand I need a good isp!

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    Default finally Uttara aaaand I need a good isp!

    Just moved to uttara and obviously asked around for link3,someone told me that I need to advance first months bill,thought it was only 1k charge.The guy also told me that a connection may take 10-15 days at least.Now that is unacceptable.

    Anyway apart from that I do play(or read wanna play as previously was unable to with wireless 3g stuff) online games such as dota 2 and thinking of starting on some(titanfall,other mmorpg's etc. ) which I was previously scared to play due to wireless ping problem and a avid torrent user.I also do some online work but those can be run on any isp.

    So,will link3 be the best choice for this? It will support portforward and such?
    Also 15 days wait time is a kill solution for me as I need a connection before 10th.

    All suggestions and info are welcome.
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    i don't know about port forwarding but Link3 is pretty reliable.

    also u don't need to advance the connection charge. u'll just have to pay it with the first month's bill.

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