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Thread: black desert online(second beta coming up)

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    Default black desert online(second beta coming up)

    first preview is everything, and this game managed to grab the attention of each and every mmorpg lovers in it's first day view.
    now, black desert online is gonna have a second closed beta, and this video gives a preview of whats waiting for you. the gameplay mechanism has been sped up for players who wanted a little more action . though there is still room enough for strategy and difficulty isnt a joke.

    WARRIOR- the most common class in any game, the warrior class carries and sword and shield and follows the typical method of offense and defense. this game makes the boring sword and shield fighter extremely fun and also one of the choices for new players

    ARCHER- another common class everyone knows, the archer's good agility and chain skills make her a deadly weapon. she has long range and very good damage. this class is very funy to play if you want to play like a sniper. except you can spam sniper :oxD

    SORCERER- the class everyone new player would hate to play against. and over powering class with devastating skills. in a death battle, these classes have teh greatest advantage as their skills are area effective and also huge damage. this class is mostly preferred by new players because it is one of the easiest class to play

    GIANT- probably the only class that you dont see everyday. the giant wields 2 double sided axe,and does devastating melee damage. the sorcerer may have more damaga, but it seems this guy was built upon the basics of a berserker, so the term devastation took it's meaning from this class . which means you can be sure this class will be the most fun to play in raids but also the hardest. because devastation is only there when there is the thrill

    THE WORLD - the world is open to explore and beautiful in graphics. the world follows a day and night system mechanics and has this very similar feature to the famous RPG elder scrolls. during the night, monsters are more active and its hard to see at night so it's more fun to stay inside cities and town and enjoy with other players. during the day, monsters are less active and you can have more easy time.
    but then, some of us simply dont want it easy now do we? the night time is party time for grinders.

    CITY- the city has this lively feeling to it, and you can also purchase houses and customize it yourself. i just hope they dont have the skyrim system of attacking npcs. that'd make it hard on the player if by chance we clicked the attack button and ended having the entire town chase us

    punishment for dying- usual mmorpgs give you a penalty for dying like taking exp, loosing durability. but this game is mroe punishing so that you wont want to die. 1 random equipment along with some gold drops from you everytime you die. that means even you newly earned super mega rare weapon may drop. this encourages player killing.

    let me know if any of you guys are interested. the second closed beta is gonna start and i wanna join it, though i need ksn and dont have much times these days

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    This game is awesome but i don't think there is any English version coming soon..

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