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Thread: Xbox 360 wireless controller for gaming in windows

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    Default Xbox 360 wireless controller for gaming in windows

    So I have a Xbox 360 controller with the charge and play kit and want to use it with my pc. However after surfing the net I found that the charge and play kit can only charge the controller batteries but cannot connected to a pc for playing games. An adapter is required for connecting a wireless xbox 360 controller to the pc which costs about 30 dollars. Those of you who have the old version of xbox 360 probably has the charge and play kit already.

    After some research i found a forum which says that I can connect a xbox 360 controller to pc by using a bluetooth adapter and a software. As far as I know bluetooth adapters are quite cheap. So it would be a great alternative of buying a xbox 360 adater for pc.

    I want to verify that the method works. It would be of great help if one of you who has the required hardware could check whether the method works and let me know.

    Here is the method of connecting a wireless 360 controller to a PC without using a xbox 360 pc adapters according to the thread. Link to the thread:

    Hey Guys!

    I have recently discovered a very clever piece of software known as MotionInJoy. This program allows you to download a special driver for you computer which allows you to connect your controllers to a PC and actually use them, not just charge them!

    What you will need:
    • A PS3/Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
    • MotionInJoy
    • A Charger/Connect (For Xbox you have to buy a special charge and play kit. This is explained at the bottom of this post.)
    • Bluetooth Adaptor (This may be inside your PC already)


    • Download MotionInJoy from here:
    • Extract it using WinZIP/WinRAR/etc
    • Open the .exe and install it.
    • Open up MotionInJoy.
    • Go to 'Driver Manager'
    • Click the Tick Box next to 'Hardware Location' (If it is not there, your Bluetooth Adaptor is broken)
    • Click 'Load Driver'
    • Let it do it's thing.
    • Now click 'Profiles' (Almost Done now)
    • Select your controller from the drop down list.
    • Make sure it is set on the right controller type.
    • Click 'Enable'.

    And there we have it!

    Charge & Play Kit (For Xbox 360):

    A Charge & Play Kit is a piece of equipment for your wireless Xbox 360 Controller. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack which clips onto the back where the batteries would normally go. It also comes with a Charger. The end of the charger plugs into the top of the controller whilst the other end is USB. This can be plugged into your Xbox. This will charge it. You can Charge & Play at the same time, as said by the title. The USB end can also be plugged into the PC. It will only charge it, until you follow the instructions above.

    If you want one of these, I would go down to your nearest gaming/hardware store and ask for a 'Charge & Play Kit for a Wireless Xbox 360 Controller'.
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    You need a "Wireless gaming receiver for windows" for playing a wireless controller to a pc. It's a small device and costly though. It's hard to find original one in bd.

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