Would like to provide service of steam game, Amazon Gift card, XBOX membership without any fee. Exchange rate will be "77.65" or whatever google offer at that time, Amazon gift card will be mainly UK based. So GBP will be on again google exchange rate. My profit from this transaction will be that I will get proper rate rather than shitty price offer by odesk and elance and other freelancing with whom I am working. I get 74.95 for USD. Outright robbery and they also take 10% cut on my income. I have small web development company. web address http://www.omicron-it.com/. All transaction will be on physical term. Like u will come to my office and I will buy things in-front of u. Amazon gift card takes 30 min to receive(I get within 30 min. but seller site mention sometimes it takes more) but steam transaction is instant.