Viking Ghost is the top-down dungeon crawler from the former God of War and PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale team members at new studio Dead Alien Cult. It’s a hair metal-heavy action game with plenty of old-school action that’s ripe for Gauntlet fans.

The game features random dungeons and fast-paced, twin-stick combat that smacks a little of The Binding of Isaac, but with more guitar riffage and beards. There’s melee attacks, ranged shots, and no end of beasts to slay.
Viking Ghost is in development for PC, Mac and Linux, while Dead Alien Cult is currently accepting votes on Steam Greenlight.
Former Sony developers Andrew Marquis and John Lawrence started work on the game before they were let go from the God of War and PS All-Stars teams, and a statement from the outfit reads, “The idea for Viking Ghost came after many beers, a love for heavy metal, and deciding to randomly combine the words viking and ghost together because we thought it just felt cool.

Pre-Alpha Trailer-