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Thread: ANY ISPs in Mirpur DOHS? :P

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    Smile ANY ISPs in Mirpur DOHS? :P


    I've been living in DOHS Mirpur for two years, and used Qubee all throughout. The signal was pretty terrible, but bearable. Until the plot behind my apartment started being developed. Now it's all but dead.

    SO, can you guys please tell me about any (good) ISPs available in Mirpur DOHS? I've never had too good experiences with broadband, but I'm really excited about local torrenting sites such as "torrentbd" or "daruchinibd" and such

    From what I hear, someone is monopolising the DOHS-Mirpur ISP MARKET by disallowing others to come in.. might not be true though.

    So please suggest an isp which:
    • Is good
    • Has access to local torrenting (where people get crazy fast speeds like 2mb per second!)\
    • Works in MIRPUR DOHS


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    I found what is apparently the only ISP in DOHS Mirpur; Optimax BD..

    They've monopolised this market, and their prices are pretty abusive..
    BDIX Speed's supposed to be unlimited, though.

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