A Kickstarter campaign has started for 7Framed, an indie episodic PC game aiming for AAA shooter production values. It has set a goal of $300,000 CAD by March 17.

The team is an extension of VIE Workshop, a Canadian video game motion-capture studio. The 7Framed project is the first step in starting a full-fledged game studio, proposed to be named VIE Games, with the Workshop side providing motion capture support.
The project page says that VIE has the infrastructure and technology necessary already, and so the funding will be used instead to hire more experienced developers.

Gameplay Trailer-

Gameplay elements:

-Single player campaign
-Multi-player online mode in which you frame other players.
-All shooter ingredients plus many challenging puzzles.
-Hiding from the other character system
-Perspective mission (replay the mission from someone else point of view) This is going to be one of the best feature. (Cross path mission)
-Adaptive story line (Player influence of the environment to have impact on other episodes)

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this may be a indie game but still feels like a AAA, hope they'll make their goal..