Recently i am getting the BSOD on bootup with my 8500GT. It's not clocked, i'm sure the PSU is not dying. Could it be a heating issue??
I am now running on Safe Mode with Networking as i type.
Here's what i have done to resolve the problem once:
1. uninstalled all nvidia graphics card drivers and files( system32)
2. rebooted PC
3. downloaded latest driver from nvidia site
4. installed new drivers

The PC ran smoothly for about an hour or so and again gave me the same problem.
The GPU is around 2.5 years old and has no fan.

Please help guys.
I have gone through the net and followed the procedures listed there, but nothing is helping.
Could it be that the card itself is an issue, should i get a new one??
If so?? should i opt for ATi, rather than nVidia??(ATi never gave me such problems)

Awaiting for some experts to reply and help me out. Thanks.