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Thread: How good is Smile BDCom Now?

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    Default How good is Smile BDCom Now?

    Blion FUP plan change koray i was looking for a broadband line in my area(Donia,Dhaka) .. Then I found a reseller near our elaka (Jurain) and contacted him .. Talked n he said its gonna cost 3000tk for the connection and 512kbps 1000tk package .. also they r gonna provide FIBER OPTIC line .. now i actualy donno what it actually means?? whats the extra advantage in a fiber optic line? and ekhon Smile er service kamon?? 512kbps e normal (idm) n local torrent e kamon speed pawa jabe?? And Do they have FTP Servers? I hope current/recent smile users can help me out

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    Default Smile is giving worst result :(

    I'm using smile connection since 2 month and never had stable connection. Always in up down. And constant disconnection's. smile sucks.

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    Post ta old jani.

    Kintu amio Soniakra, Nurpur area r dike move korci. Apnar jana mote ki kono 1mbps download/upload cable connection provider ace sekhane?. affordable er modhe?.

    amar bortoman connection hocce 1mbps 1000 taka per month. Ami akhon nikunja - 2 e thaki.

    doya kore keu janaben vai.

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