- The elevator uses artificial intelligence to read your mind

The engineers over at Microsoft Research have created another innovative technology, this time in the form of a so-called smart elevator that can figure out the floor you need to go to without pressing any button.

Although the concept is very complex, the idea behind it is actually very simple: depending on a number of factors, such as time, history, and previous activities, the smart elevator can get you to another floor automatically, Microsoft explains.

“If your environment knows that it’s your lunch time and that you had spoken yesterday of having lunch with a colleague on the second floor,” and that you’re now leaving your office to go to the elevator, the elevator can be “smart enough to take you, without your need to operate anything, to your colleague,” head of Microsoft Research Peter Lee said in a video demo posted on Bloomberg.

Of course, the smart elevator is still a concept right now, but Microsoft has promised to continue work on this idea, so expect more artificial intelligence projects to be announced soon.