Nintendo needs to start porting?

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Watch The Conjuring Online But all this doom and gloom and blaming Nintendo for the downgraded forecast isn't really their fault. If you think about it, they were betting on third-party to kick in throughout 2013 to help flesh out the Wii U's software palette. That didn't happen. Instead, there was a lot of ridiculously childish politics that the Wii U incurred from third-party publishers. Reef Entertainment has sort of taken on the “Snakes on a Plane” style marketing tactic for their upcoming Rambo: The Video Game, set for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The game is like a grand combination of amazingly bad quick-time events and old-school, arcade-style shooting segments where players are on rails, taking down countless hordes of faceless enemies.

Watch Don Jon Online Historically, though, the Nintendo 3DS wasn't always a monkey-maker. In fact, its first year on the market was 4.5 million units sold, as reported by BGR. Unsurprisingly, that's around the same number that the Wii U managed in totality of its first year on the market. But that's too much common sense for the current market trend of hating on the Wii U, right?

Pachter also mentions that Nintendo needs to start porting their software to the PS4 and Xbox One to stay competitive. Essentially becoming as worthless as Sega and Atari... wait, do those two even still make relevant games these days that aren't centered around controversy? Okay, enough of the bull crap. Let's be real. The Nintendo 3DS, as reported by Shack News, was still the top selling dedicated game device of 2013. Exiting the hardware race would be blatantly stupid. Nintendo is profiting from their portable handhelds and they don't have to pay any royalties for having their own software on their own hardware. If they decided to become third-party software publishers (or developers) they lose all of the profitable leverage they have right now. Blatantly speaking: Only an idiot would throw out machines that generate money for them every month on end.