Poured over Nintendo with the 3DS?

Watch Lone Survivor Online “The film reveals historical footage and never-been-told stories shared by some of the most influential people in the automotive and gaming industries,” reads the post. “For those deep into the automotive culture scene, KAZ is directed by Tamir Moscovici and captured by cinematographer Anthony Arendt, the same team that created Urban Outlaw.”

Watch Devil’s Due Online According to the post, KAZ was developed over the course of a single year and was filmed in a dozen locations across the globe. As the name implies, the movie focuses on Gran Turismo director Kazunori Yamauchi, better known as Kaz, and his dedication to creating authentic driving experiences over the past 15 years. The first Gran Turismo arrived on the original PlayStation back I the mid-90’s and, late this past year, the sixth installment finally bolted from the start line.

Watch The Nut Job Online It’s a bit odd that KAZ isn’t airing through Sony’s own movie service first, but Hulu is certainly an outlet more likely to put the documentary in front of gamers and non-gamers alike. We learned last year that the Gran Turismo feature was in the works and, thanks to a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, we now know that it’ll be available for our viewing pleasure in just a few days.

Watch Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit Online In Gran Turismo, the line between fantasy and reality is a fuzzy one. From the cars to the courses they drive down, the developers at Polyphony Digital strive to create a perfect racing sim. That dedication has led to a documentary on the racing series, as well as the man driving it, Kazunori Yamauchi. The documentary is called KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Divide, and it debuts on Hulu on January 22nd.

Watch Shadow Recruit Online Essentially, Nintendo could use the 3DS as financial leverage until the Wii U picks up its breeches and starts selling out like Nintendo's previous successes. One thing is for sure, everyone will be watching the weekly and monthly sales of the Wii U leading up to March like a mother watching her daughter while passing by pimps in San Fernando Valley.

Watch Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones Online The main thing is that a lot of people see Nintendo's numbers, and the accompanying forecast, and think “Man, Iwata is failing. Nintendo is dead!” However, a few things to keep in mind: The Nintendo 3DS was the best selling dedicated gaming device of all of 2013. Iwata helped bring that money maker to the forefront of the company. The Wii literally won the seventh gen of gaming, outselling both the Xbox 360 and PS3 by sizable margins. The Wii U may have gotten off to a rough start, not unlike the Nintendo 3DS, but there's no reason to believe that it can't pick up the sales in the same way that the 3DS did after it got off to start about as rocky as Bill Clinton's marriage to Hilary after the stains on Lewinsky's dress went public.

Watch Free Birds Online Okay, so maybe none of the X-Men received their powers from the examples I used, but “suddenly sprout claws from their hands as a sickly child” or “slowly turn into a blue cat creature” just didn’t have the same ring. The point is, Marvel’s most notorious team of do-gooders are getting their own mobile game, one that allows players to compete in 20 vs. 20 battles in realtime. The iOS game features artwork from various Marvel staff, as well as stories created by longtime X-Men writer, James Asmus.

Watch Don Jon Online The video gives gamers a small collection of gameplay segments from pockets of different levels, each one containing a small bit of ridiculous interactive segments that helps make Rambo one of the worst, yet most highly anticipated games ever. The clips start off showing Rambo moving through the prison camp from the third movie, where he was sent in to rescue his mentor and former commander. The stealthing is pretty limited, but it's at least there. We see that the movement is mostly relegated to 'W','A', 'S', 'D' and relates to quick-time button prompts. Later on in the video we see when a prompt is pressed too early, but I'm not really sure what the downside is of that. I tend to doubt the game features multiple routes like Beyond: Two Souls.

Remember back in 2011 when all that doom and gloom was poured over Nintendo with the 3DS? Remember reports like this from Revert to Saved, where everyone was dumping on Nintendo like a bunch of people who bought toxic burritos from that corner stand from that shady guy in East LA? Well, in just two years the 3DS went from a joke to jock, and now it's got everyone else down on their knees in front of them.