Hello , i gonna sell my old PC . Check out following items:-

1. Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 @2.80 Ghz = 5k
2. Gigabyte G31MES2C energy saver Motherboard = 2.5K
3. 2 GB DDR2 Ram @800bus = 1.2K
4. Gigabyte Superb 460 GE-R460-V1 460W = 2.8K
5. Sapphare Radeon HD 6570 DDR3 2GB = 4K
6. Atx Casing = .5K

***** TOTAL PRICE = 16K . not going to sell anything separately . sorry

I have a 19" samsung T190 monitor (res : 1440x900) . If you want to buy it , write to me. price negotiable.
Pc has no problem at all.I played countless game with it,just name any game! you can check all you want before buying. Not gonna sell my HDD , has personal staff in it. Dvdrom has problem , so i will give it to you free.
reason for selling : upgrade pc for playing watch dog(max).

please comment here / pm me .