First Teaser-

In a press release today, publisher Focus Home Interactive explained that the game takes players to seven planets – the one seen above is the desert planet Serenade. The planets are home to a valuable resource called Etherium and three warring factions are fighting to gain control of the substance: The Consortium, Council and Galaad – The game’s non-linear single player campaign sees you waging that war to control the map as you see fit, and you’ll need to manage resources and build your forces to match all opposition.

Etherium also has a dynamic weather system that impacts gameplay. It’s possible to use a sandstorm to stealthily ambush the opponent, or wait for rivers to freeze before rolling right over them. There’s swamps, deserts, island clusters and other terrain types to shake things up during battle. You can train infantry, build vehicles and create giant war machines using scientific tech trees and colony upgrades.