Rumors are that Intel and various tech related companies are showing interest in experimenting with and entering the brain-computer-interface market, according to Mind Solutions. The BCI is said to be a dedicated communication pathway between the human brain and a device, having early focus on helping medical patients recover from severe physical injuries.
Mind Solutions hopes to make the BCI technology more familiar and opened to everyone, with the help of Intel and other companies that wish to contribute to the project, over the next few years. When technology will overcome the neurons in the human brain, with the increasing number in PC transistors, there is great potential for long-term development.

“We will finally remove the fiction from the science fiction,” said Mooly Eden, Intel head of perceptual computing, during CES. It will be possible to “open a car door with our finger, receive constant information about our health” along with using devices that “interface directly with your brain.”
Mind Solutions is not looking to make it to the top with BCI, they hope that a major tech company enters the market with it and is looking more to get involved in a fairly small partnership.

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Video courtesy of Mind Solutions