Surprising absolutely no one, on Friday Ubisoft's Tony Key told Gamespotthat the successful, critically acclaimedopen-world shooterFar Cry 3is definitely getting a full-fledged follow-up. Which, naturally, raises all sorts of questions.Ubi's not sharing details—we don't even know for sure that it'll be calledFar Cry 4—they just say a new game is coming and that they'll have "more on that soon." So, let's fill in some of the blanks on our own.What would you like to see stay in the next game? What could they get rid of?Off the top of my head, I'd actually love to see them keep a lot of the more tedious stuff—the crafting and hunting—because I liked all of that. They could definitely try to tell a story that's a little bit more consistent in tone, maybe with some characters who aren't unlikeable drips. (I know, I know. "That was the point." Whatever. I'd rather the point be to tell me a story with characters I liked, or at least gave a ¤¤¤¤ about.)