Hello folks, could anyone suggest a good ISP in Segunbagicha/Kakrail with proper BDIX support?

Background: I have been using Link3's 1.5 Mb/s connection for more than a year now. When I first got their connection, I used to get 400-450 kB/s on local torrent sites like TorrentBD and CrazyHD but after a few months they capped my speed and now I only get the normal speed of ~190 kB/s on most downloads. I understand they do this to attract new customers and after a while they cap it. It's really frustrating when a BDIX suported ISP does this. And on top of that, I know people using L3 who do get good speed on local torrent sites. >_<

Long story short, I want an ISP that will let me download at at least 300 kB/s from local torrent sites.

Thanks in advance!