AMD has finally taken the wraps off its upcoming Kaveri series APU that they claim is their most advanced APU series ever, making the shift to GCN for a boost in graphical powers.

Kaveri stakes a claim to being the first APU to support heterogeneous system architecture (HSA), as well the first with AMD’s new Steamroller CPI cores that should leverage powerful functionality from the all-in-one processor

The Steamroller microarchitecture making its debut in the Kaveri series is said to deliver a pretty hefty 20% improvement in instructions per clock in comparison to the previous generation of APUs.

The much-vaunted HSA essentially provides the ability for data to pass directly between the CPU and the GPU in an effort to share the workload more effectively than previously. This not only allows tasks to be run faster but also shifted to the CPU to run at lower power.

Unfortunately, compatible software isn’t actually available at the moment, as programs written for older APUs won’t be able to take control of the functionality. Windows 8 is now built to support HSA so it’s hoped that more applications that take advantage of the process should be released imminently.

The addition of GCN tech means that this is an APU with in-built support for Mantle, AMD TrueAudio and PCIe Gen 3, closing the gap between dedicated graphical performance and APUs.

Desktop versions of Kaveri will be arriving next week on January 14th, while a mobile version will be out later in the year. The currently known desktop models are the A10-7850K and the A10-7700K.

Seriously, I am getting interested about these APUs !!!