- Twitter launched Vine for web

Everyone has been waiting for this for a while now and Twitter has finally delivered. Vine has officially expanded to the Web with profiles, home feed and a TV mode that allows users to check out videos in full screen.

The service is available already on vine.co where users can login with their Vine accounts, the same ones they’ve been using on smartphones up until now.

Through the new site, users can browse their home feeds, like, comment and share Vines, as well as view videos in full screen mode. Furthermore, it’s possible to visit favorite users’ Vine profiles.

Apart from the TV mode, none of the features made available on the new site are new to Vine users, who could do everything from their mobile apps.

The TV mode can be enabled through the button placed in the upper right corner of the feed. A new view will be displayed to show all videos in sequence.

This is just the first step, Twitter said, as more features will be added to the site in the coming months. Since it’s impossible to actually record any new videos with the webcam or upload any videos through the website, it’s likely that these might be features on Twitter’s to-do list.