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Thread: Old Games discussion(LOTR Battle for Middle Earth 2)

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    Default Old Games discussion(LOTR Battle for Middle Earth 2)

    Is there any player who still play this great game? If someone interested in playing again BFME2 then I have some hidden charm for them. I know it is a old game and I start playing it again for 1 month and after a long time I found some secrets and interesting things that make me play the game more than 3 hours a day.

    New thing I found in the Game :
    1)Lots of strategies that I didnt use last time(2 years ago). There are several types of strategy(HUGE) didnt found in any other games. (I will discuss about that if anyone interested in this thread. becoz . It is a large discussion. If no one interested I dont want to waste my time.)

    2)Recently I found a lot of new things in CUSTOM HEROES (in BFME2 not witch king). I can add 6 powers to a hero instead of 5 given by the default option.

    3)Can use any heroes power to any other custom hero. Example: I can add Tornedo of an Archer to a dwarf hero. Or EarthShaker of a dwarf hero to a Archer.

    4) Most interesting is-->it is possible to add A single power several time. Like when custom a hero you can add 3 Tornedo to a hero.

    May be someone of you already knew these hidden charms. This thread is for them who want to play this great game again and dont know these.

    Again if someone interested to play this game again and interested in this thread then I will continue this discussion. Otherwise close this thread. But I can assure you that in multiplayer it is one of the greatest game. And you will found a lot strategies with different race of this game.

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    Default Re: Old Games discussion(LOTR Battle for Middle Earth 2)

    i m interested can u give me detail?

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