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Thread: How to play divX on X360?

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    Default How to play divX on X360?

    Xbox cant play any file xcept WMV...but most movies i download ar in mp4/avi format..
    i hav a modded 360, can i still connct to LIVE n not get bannd while downloading the optional media update needed? anyone here who can play vids off from USB/burnt DVDs? if yes, how? plz help

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    Default Re: How to play divX on X360?

    noone here can help?

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    Default Re: How to play divX on X360?

    Ami pen drive diye movie dekhsi. N wmv format chara r cholena? dvd movie? amito dvd movie dekhsi.n as far i remembr ami mp4 er format eo vid chalaisi. Xvid or divx er kotha cholarto kotha.try krini.amartay vcd format chara motamuti r prob hoini.pendrive burnt dvd all ran.n pen drive dile kotha theke play korte hoy janoto?n online e band korbena maybe. Nt sure. Bt 90% sure korbena. If u face prob call me 01915813277. Raihan.

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