today i watched the movie......for once it did force me to search what is it with this movie....i mean this year(2009) there were 2 movies of this is "Paranormal Activity" & another is "The Fourth Kind".............paranormal acitivity didn't force me that much to search...but, this movie does.....& for the record i would like to share it with all of u......for cleaning up ur mind crystal clear
The Fourth Kind is an upcoming film about UFO abductions that have allegedly been happening in Nome, Alaska since the 1960s. Starring Milla Jovovich as psychologist Abigail Tyler, who was investigating these creepy cases, advertisements so far are claiming that the film includes re-enactments and dramatizations mixed together with actual case footage.

JoBlo unveiled a new poster for the film today, here's a portion of it (click image to see the whole thing):

fourth kind

If all the buzz is true, and the film really does contain archival footage with real abductees (as depicted in the screenshot below), this will be one seriously freaked-out film.

fourth kind

Of course at this point all we've got to go on as a source is Universal's marketing department. And the infamous trailer:

And as counterpoint, after a bunch of Google searches, there are plenty of additional sources that seem to debunk the relationship between Nome and UFO abductions pretty swiftly.

For instance, from the Anchorage Daily News:

Marketing from NBC Universal says it’s based on “archival footage” of a psychologist who stumbled upon “the most disturbing evidence of alien abduction ever documented” while interviewing Alaskans.

Spooky. Except it all looks to be a “Blair Witch Project” style fake-out.

No one has heard of the psychologist, including the state licensing board and president of the state psychologists association. And while there have indeed been disappearances in Nome — mainly people traveling to the hub city from surrounding Inupiat and Siberian Yupik villages — blaming a real-life tragedy on alien abduction is not sitting well with the non-profit that pushed the cases into the open.

According to promotional materials from Universal, the film is framed around a psychologist named Abigail Tyler who interviewed traumatized patients in Nome.

But state licensing examiner Jan Mays says she can’t find records of an Abigail Tyler ever being licensed in any profession in Alaska.

No one by that name lived in Nome in recent years, according to a search of public record databases.

Filmmakers shot the “The Fourth Kind” in Bulgaria, according to IMDB. That may explain why the trailer shows a city surrounded by lush mountains rather than a flat tundra town at the shore of the Bering Sea.

"Nome" as depicted in the trailer:


The real Nome, according to a photo posted in the Anchorage Daily News:


Another board refers to a couple of Web sites that are alleged to back up the film's facts:

They are not real. Both websites referred to in this thread, and were created on August 12, 2009 and August 13, 2009 with articles falsely backdated. Nice try guys, get back to your set.

You get the drift. At any rate the bottom line is we hope, whether based on fact or completely made up, that this winds up being a creepy, well-made story. Fingers are crossed.