hi ,

um nahiyan aka vIRus. some fifa plrs knw me personally.
um the reseller of smile in warelessgate mohakhali area. now i ve got permission to expand my business in niketon. does smile provide connection in niketion ever?? if not thn um ready to serve u..but i need some help nd conditions.
1. I need minimum of 5 clint in each 100 mitres.( bcoz my backbone will be fibre optic . it is costly.)
2. they will provide the standard installation charge which smile/bdcom charges.
3. I need a person who has a gud command in niketon.
4. i will take same charge which smile/bdcom takes.
5. I need a place where i will put my media converter switch. don't worry i will cost a little electricity.

if u r interested pls reply me and leave ur mob no.
or if want to knw more feel free to call : 01673901980.