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Thread: Need immediate help

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    Default Need immediate help

    In June 2009 I got myself admitted into Dhaka Imperial College.As it was a long distance away from me I decided to change my college.I decided it because I have physical problems in both of my legs.After that i contacted Queens College.They said that they have given money to the board for some extra students.They said that they sent my name to the board.But I wasn't transferred yet.After doing classes for some days,I couldn't take it anymore.The rules are much harder than hard.They take 500 taka fine for absent of a single day and they are very serious in collecting it.After that I decided to change again and found Mohammadpur Preparatory Boys College good for me.I contacted them and started my class and still going on.There are no problems like Queens College in here.At the present time the board has started giving their form student transfer.I collected the form but will I have any trouble getting transferred because I did some class in Queens College for some days?Look at the link I gave and select the 6th application.Its the transfer form.Look at the transfer form.Look closely at the third point of bortoman college er adhokka(present college's principal).

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    Default Re: Need immediate help

    I fail to see any links in your post.

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    I have given the link.Now help me please.

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