Level 90 combat, username Sane Saibal. I have a purple party hat, halloween mask set, santa and easter egg. Looking for $600 but price can be negotiated (nothing lower then $500). I might sell the rares on eBay though so if that happens, then I'll sell the account for... $60, cheap for you guys . Look up stats in high scores, recovery questions will be given obviously.

Level 53 combat, username 666sane999. Pure ranger with 10 def, look up the other stats in high scores. It has a lot of PK gear and PK spoils to sell. I was top 50 pure PKers in 2006 so yeah... It's insanely good. Probably $100+, recovery questions will be given.

A lvl 59 Hero Online female pure str assassin (jobchanged into slayer), it's great in pvp (last time I played which was 2 years+ ago, I could pk 65+, just gotta know how to use it). It has a killer set to show off (all +5 gear, +7 eagle boots, +6 universe blade so I can hit 1000+ total = 1 hit ko lol), and a cryptic set for PKing and 15M+ gold... Also Shao faction and I own my own guild (TheUnprovoked, no members so you can start anew ). It also has a lvl 49 male warrior but I forgot the build. Oh, and a nub lvl 12 from what I remember.