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Thread: Heavy Dose of Splinter Cell Conviction info!!

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    Default Heavy Dose of Splinter Cell Conviction info!!

    I just stumbled upon this. I havent read fully. But its a lot of info that has been uncovered recently.

    There is a lot of text and screens and videos. So i used a spoiler tag.


    Conviction: New Videos, Characters, Mission Details, Voice clips

    Splinter Cell Conviction:

    Written by Miles and guest writer Chris Hawke.

    Russian is a hard language. And ever since a hacker infiltrated the Splinter Cell site, we’ve been worrying that we’d have to learn it to understand half of what the hell was happening. Well, that day has come, and we’ve had to learn Russian. Fast.
    In ConnectedConsoles’ deep underground bunker, we called an emergency meeting to make sence of an e-mail sent to us by Ubisoft.
    Here’s what you do: Go to, and wait until it prompts you for a password. Then, type in ‘NevskiyProspekt’ – it’s the name of a famous street in Moscow. You’ll be presented with a list that translates to;

    1 - Notifications
    2 - Dossier
    3 - Weapons
    4 – Safety
    5 – Intelligence

    Here’s the clever bit; type in 1 and hit enter – you’ll be provided with a collection of Russian e-mails, which you can cycle through by pressing left or right. Hit 2 and press enter to be presented with profiles of 5 characters, including Sam. 3 has stats for weapons, 4 has various CCTV clips of the White House, and 5 is a voice recording of the hacker; it seems his original intention might have only been to hack form credit cards, but now he’s in the major league of hacking. Ubisoft have left us with a cryptic message; “In this time, further intelligence in the current situation in the collection. A full analysis is expected in six days.” Check back here in 6 days, and hopefully we’ll have more translations for you. To save you the trouble, here’s what we could decipher from what’s on the site so far;

    1 – Notifications:
    Notification 1:
    Everything happens faster than we thought. We identified two civilians involved in the operation. One of them - Andrew Kobin, an important "asset" of the Third Echelon. Location - Malta. Kobin was involved in several small-arms sales, drug trafficking and smuggling of people across national borders. Americans are working with such wonderful people, is not it? For its part, Kobin opened mafia Lesovsky Valentine, who lives in St. Petersburg - he is a broker in the sale of weapons. Expect to start operations within 24 hours. All relevant materials have been sent to your personal computer. Contact Kestrelom and notify him that the act should be in the very near future.


    Notification 2:
    Something is wrong here. Embedded agents tell us about the involvement of all American PMCs Black Arrow (see attached file). Americans are being cheated, and we are subject to undue risk. The question is - what the Americans are hiding and why?

    Embedded our agents have gathered intelligence about contacts Third Echelon. His file was downloaded to your personal computer.

    In light of what happened I decided that I need to send to you operative. All details sent to you.

    At the moment, further intelligence on the current situation in the collection. A full analysis is expected within six days.

    Check mail through 48-72 hours.


    Notification 3:
    Perhaps we have a problem. American intelligence agency Third Echelon contact with the GRU, in the case of the sale of military equipment from the pilot bases in Dagestan, the Nenets and 16 other locations worldwide. The intelligence provided by the Americans, inaccurate, contain a lot of untested materials, but these rumors affect some senior officers, as well as civilians. So far we do not have a full analysis of the contact information of the third wave and the GRU, but the case was transferred to us. According to the latest data, at the moment they monitor the delivery of a prototype weapon that could disrupt stability in the region, and want us to help them, because it "our common cause." More extensive intelligence and biography potentially involved in the case of persons has been downloaded to your work computer. Expect more information.


    2 – Dossier (Character Profiles):
    Occupation: Bandit
    Affiliation: None
    Name: Boris
    Middle Name: I.
    Name: Sychev
    Important: undefined

    In cruel and elusive Boris Ivanovich Sychev have two favorite things - trade in arms and smuggling of people in other countries. There are rumors that he had destroyed more than 20 gangsters on request of his employer - Mafioso Valentine Lesovsky. Prior to Lesovsky, Sychev was an ordinary soldier in the Russian army, where he gathered all those contacts, which further helped Lesovsky expand its empire by selling weapons. At the moment, Sychev spends most of his time in the baths Lesovsky in St. Petersburg, enjoying the fruits of their work and irritating subordinate in a loud voice and long stories.
    Occupation: Military
    Affiliation: GRU
    Name: Oleg
    Middle Name: S.
    Name: Rebko
    Important: undefined

    Intelligent, professional and prudent Oleg Rebko is one of the principal persons in the Main Intelligence Directorate. Prior to his dismissal in the office of Major, he was an analyst in the Foreign Intelligence Service, and later, during the second Chechen war, and military advisor, where he met the acting director of the GRU, General Yury Ivanovich Kerzhakova. In addition to performing their regular duties in the GRU, they founded the Network Hawk - a group of senior military, engaged in the sale of equipment and weapons on the black market. The tasks Rebko carries out an underground shelter, also known as a set of Hawk. Ibid stored contraband of war and the most valuable archives of information.
    Occupation: The operative
    Affiliation: Raven, Foreign Intelligence Service
    Name: Michael
    Middle Name: A.
    Name: Loskov
    Date of Birth: August 7
    Place of Birth: Novgorod, Russia
    Important: The former commando, several trips to Chechnya

    His parents were killed during the terrorist attack when he was six years old. Relationship with his foster father folded poorly and in the 14 years he ran away from home, chilled on the streets of St. Petersburg next four years. After numerous clashes with the police, he was arrested at age 18 and was sent to the army, as was in the stage of military age. Unlike many recruits Loskov perfectly felt in the atmosphere of brutality of the Russian army and was soon transferred to a special unit that tracked and killed by Chechen guerrillas and the Wahhabi militants in the Chechen capital, Grozny. After the incident, during which he was captured the whole detachment, Loskov was forced to observe the systematic executions of his colleagues.Before RESCUE from captivity commandos, he survived three days of unbearable torture. He was hired as a special unit responsible for the infiltration and information gathering in the territory of the enemy. Callsign - Kestrel.
    Name: Thomas
    First Name: Jeffrey
    Surname: Reed
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Hometown: Sacramento, California
    Important: no data

    He graduated from the Air Force Academy, but he obtained a specialization in the conduct of cyberwarfare. Even before graduation, he went to work in military intelligence, but was transferred to AFCYBER as soon as intelligence was reorganized. His main task was to search for information and reflection of the terrorist attacks on the United States. It is not known how he so quickly was able to reach upper management, but at the moment is the director of NSA.

    Middle name: Robert
    Name: Sloane Cuares
    Date of Birth: March 23
    Hometown: Miami, Florida
    Important: Membership in Mensa, a graduate of Harvard University, Intelligence School in Quantico

    After receiving a degree in economics at Harvard, Sloan-Cuares joined the NSA with one purpose - to make a career as an intelligence analyst. Being in the agency, Daniel revealed dozens of terrorist plots and single-handedly to recognize all the leaders of extremist groups Grass Liberation Front. Though Daniel and was able analyst, his resentment of authority was at odds with the opinion of officials from Fort Meade. Soon Sloan-Suarez began to openly complain about the bureaucratic framework, so that was marked for transfer to a brutal training program for Third Echelon. 18 months later he was assigned the callsign "Archer".

    3. Weapons:
    SPAS-12 - semi-automatic weapon, allowing a fraction of hitting targets at medium and long range

    Automatic with a silencer MP-5 - precise and noise-lethal weapons with an average power

    Submachine gun SR-2M - a compact, precise and powerful weapon.

    SC3000 - the basic assault rifle, Splinter Cell – accurate and highly destructive power, coupled with minimal impact

    The three stats on the right are:
    Destructive Power:

    4. Safety:
    These are CCTV recording of what we assume to be the White House; due to the crest on the floor and the fact that, in previous trailers, Sam Fisher seems to take a quick day-trip to the presidential office.
    We are currently uploading them and they will be available to watch shortly.


    5- Intelligence:
    After pressing right a few times, you’ll get profiles of the Black Arrow and Third Echelon:

    Black Arrow:
    Jurisdiction: The whole world
    Deployment: Turks and Caicos Islands, headquartered in Panama
    Types of operations: safety, training, maintenance of peaceful atmosphere and performance of combat tasks

    Black Arrow is a private military company operating worldwide. The company provides security services, training soldiers, maintaining a peaceful environment in various regions and carry out combat missions. It emerged after the collapse of the beleaguered PMCs Displace International. Recently, Black Arrow was purchased by investment firm Golden Locust LLC, headed by the American businessman Lucius Gallardo. The company was originally located in Panama, but then all the financial assets of the organization were moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands - for the most part, because of tax exemptions. The first customer of the Black Arrows was the Government of the Comoros, which has hired a company to protect against the attempted coup. Also Black Arrow coached the country's army and its police officers. Since then, the company has signed only for large contracts in Africa, Southeast Asia, Oceania and South America.

    Before the Golden Locust acquired the company in the rules of the Black Arrows was registered a ban on conducting business activity in the United States. It is said that the ban got it "inherited" from Displace, but so far it is not confirmed. Instead, the company focused on security, maintaining peace in the region and training of local troops. Currently, a contingent of Black Arrows located in six countries, including Burkina Faso, Haiti, Myanmar and Suriname. We also know that the company is supporting the preparation of military conflict (including training, supply of arms and people) at least three places, including Uganda and East Timor.
    Eight months ago, Black Arrow decided to change the internal policies and added to its portfolio of corporate security and personal protection for the people. This was done at the initiative of the Gallardo. The company also began a struggle for government contracts in the United States, mainly for contracts to support the activities of foreign campaigns and operations inside the country.

    Third Echelon:

    Jurisdiction: US / World
    Deployment: Washington (DC)
    Types of operations: extraction and analysis of information, information warfare, data analysis, mining and undercover operations

    Third Echelon is controlled to spearhead the initiative of the U.S. military information. Position in the American intelligence community is currently not defined. True to earlier information on the status of the third wave as a unit of the Ministry of National Security at the moment is wrong. The main objective of the third wave - to be the likeness of special forces in the modern world of information warfare. The most significant initiative is a program tier Splinter Cell. Launched with the exercise of one operative, Splinter Cell program has been expanded under the new Director Tom Reed.

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    Default Re: Heavy Dose of Splinter Cell Conviction info!!

    cant w8 to play this game

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    Default Re: Heavy Dose of Splinter Cell Conviction info!!

    aint gonna read that .. spoiler all over ..

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