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Thread: [DotA]Casualties of War

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    Default [DotA]Casualties of War

    May be an old thing to many of you..

    Devil's Urethra presents a new song: Casualties of War

    ** To listen to this song, go to his MySpace: **


    Relax! Just like a Beastmaster's axe you knew I'd be back,
    Just like Don Exodus when everyone knew that he hacked,
    Except I've sharpened my wit on the bones of my foes,
    and those who are slow in my path become prone to my blows and wrath

    no matter your build, items or skills,
    if you play against me you're bound to get killed,
    your team startled at the sound of the shrills,
    seven days later body found in the hills

    got blades of attack and my broadsword stacked,
    then once I get a demon edge, you all fall get back,
    take your manhood extract your balls from the sack,
    in my rax got a hall full of plaques

    i taught troll how to berserk and blind,
    i taught techies how to work their mines,
    i'm the one who lends avernus time,
    i'm the one who makes these fervent rhymes,

    already got an armlet,
    you haven't even farmed yet,
    gotta kill techies before he becomes a bomb threat

    i sway to evade your blade in one step,
    strike quick and make ya hug death

    blood on the battlefield, blood on my hands,
    divided we fall but together we stand,
    band together to take over these lands,
    flank to gank and you'll gain command

    sweat on my brow and sweat in my eyes,
    noobs on my team are death in disguise,
    allies try to steal all my denies,
    play as a team or you'll face your demise

    my name is ragnor i'm a totem totin' tauren,
    got power and range like i was mighty morphin,
    gonna need more than a sange or a sword swing,
    smell a lil funny, but that's mainly a horde thing

    time to lay a gank of epic proportion,
    kelen's dagger, echo slam, WAIT, fissure, WAIT,
    now I'm bathing and snorkling in the wave form of morphling,
    it takes more than potions to escape from this tauren

    bandana round my teeth i don't hide behind a mask,
    eradicate my enemies with paralyzing casks,
    stun 'em all at once then prepare for my attacks,
    enemies consisting of razorback and axe,

    even though they're stunned they still manage to whine,
    hit em quick with maledict's damage over time,
    upgrade to sceptre to get more than one shot,
    spraying enemies like a peter north cum shot


    I'm a beast so your team's got me focused
    hocus pocus, summon a ghost ship,
    hit you with my sange have you running like a tortoise,
    hit 'em with a torrent, send 'em soaring to the sky,
    battlefury cleaving water pouring they will die,
    pwning helping items at the store for me to buy

    I get more hits when my stones are hyper,
    crystalys on my dwarven sniper,

    you'll never achieve victory, if you don't play for it,
    that's why I'm crowned king like my name was leoric,
    Devil's Urethra skills heroic,
    Each verse I pull out of the stone historic

    allow me to take an orb and throw it,

    then ya struck, screamin out what the puck,
    switch to where the illusory orb is pitched,
    dream coil, team spoiled, then I phase shift,
    and watch your face split in my waning rift,

    now you're on the ground splayed like fish,
    you just lay, twitch and strain to lift,
    this is your last day alive so make a wish



    Its just [EB]. Not Elite B[a]stard or anything like that.

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    Default Re: [DotA]Casualties of War

    wow ... Liked the song.... rap style...
    "Can you feel the cold hand of death upon your heart"

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    Default Re: [DotA]Casualties of War

    owao thanks bro gj

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    Default Re: [DotA]Casualties of War

    Imba sOngz

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