A bunch of new features for the AMD enthusiast

Gigabyte has now put online the complete specifications about these three upcoming motherboards. Despite them resembling the MA790FXT-UD5P, the MA790XT-UD4P and the MA770T-UD3P, one may notice many new features. First of all, on the high-end model, there are now three PCI-E x16 slots instead of only two, so three videocards can now be set in CrossfireX, running in x16, x8, x8 mode. Having only two PCI-E x16 slots is a big disadvantage to the MA790FXT-UD5P when looking at boards like the MSI 790FX-GD70 having four of them, so this is great.

The MA790FXTA-UD5 also features two eSATA/USB combo ports at the back. With the current models, an expansion bracket is provided to provide two eSATA ports.

Overall, these three motherboards seem truly great, thanks to the innovation at Gigabyte. We should see reviews popping up around the Internet soon.