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- iBuyPower Steam Machine

Commercial Steam machines are set to be launched in 2014 and a new prototype from iBuyPower is revealed, looking very similar in terms of design to the recently launched PlayStation 4 home console from Sony.

Engadget quotes the hardware maker as saying that it is still working on the final specifications of the device, which is at the moment running an early build of the SteamOS from Valve.

Apparently, the iBuyPower Steam machine has two potential versions, called Gordon and Freeman as a tribute to the classic Half-Life.

The only major difference is the light bar around the middle of the device, one clear and one black when it is not exposed to a light source.

The developer says that all games that are available on Steam will run at 1080p and 60 FPS, quality superior to the one offered by the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 at the moment.