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View Poll Results: Which Is The Best Local Torrent Site now?

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  • TorrentBD

    7 50.00%
  • OntohinBD

    3 21.43%
  • AzibTorrent

    1 7.14%
  • Tejpata (CrazyHD)

    6 42.86%
  • Others

    0 0%
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Thread: Which Is The Best Local Torrent Site now?

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    Question Which Is The Best Local Torrent Site now?

    Hey for a long time, many of us specially Broadband (Smile, Bdcom, Ispros, Link3, KS etc.) users using local torrent site. This thread intends to reveal actually which torrent site seems best to the torrent lovers?

    We can discuss about pros and cons of these sites. I think it will help the owners to improve their sites. Nobody could, but at least they made places from where we can download a Movie even with 10 Megabytes speed! Actually 150+ Kilobytes per second speed is enough for us to be amazed in Bangladesh.

    So lets discuss, which is the best and why? Which is the worst and why? Which will be the best in future if they do what?

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    tejpata,they have everything

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    Top three are very close imo. I wish they had more bluray encodes and remuxes from veteran p2p groups besides the small re-rips.
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    I use TorrentBD for games and CrazyHD for TV shows.

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