To say that I was waiting on this title would be an understatement. I have been playing Rpg's for of the early 96. Things have certainly came along way since then. And since Bioware started making their titles the RPG market has never been then same. I've played every Bioware title produced so I've came to expect great titles from this company. One thing I can say is that Dragon Age has not let me down.

First off let me start my review with saying its addictive so if you don't wont to spend hours immersed in goodness then this game is not for you. The games interface is very clean and easy to use making navigation and use of abilities very easy. You control your character with the keyboard or mouse or simply point and click. The graphics of the game are well within the standards of quality you would expect from Bioware. The only complaint I have is unlike previous games from Bioware (Baldur's Gate 1&2) most buildings seem like they are they for looks not use. What do I mean?? In the previous games you could enter buildings to look around and speak with the owners as well as steal things. Most buildings in the older games were usable in some for or another. Dragon Age however does not make use of this and that makes one feel a little frustrated when you were use to having so much prior. But this is no game breaker for there is some much more to do.
The story I will say is simply amazing. This is something that many have come to know and enjoy from Bioware. As they seem to devote a great portion of their time and man power to decent stories. Which in this day and age of all flash not substance really means something. The story and plot will draw you in and keep you making you want to never leave. So be ready to live another life far far and away. Having several different views and so many quests and side quest makes this game one that you can spend endless hours replaying and enjoying it the entire time.
So what am I saying exactly?? Well I'm saying that if you enjoy RPG's and enjoyed Baldur's Gate & Knights of the Old Republic, you will really enjoy this title. If those titles did not make you go ooooooAhhhh I think you will still enjoy giving this game a play. They are a few things I feel should have been polished a bit better since the release was pushed back for so many years but all in all this title is a classic. My only decent is the DLC. The DLC that they announced at the release of the game should have actually been included in the game. I say this since it rounds out the game and makes it feel complete. Considering that it was included in different versions for free ( certain version got certain parts) the Stone Prisoner and Wardens Keep should have been included in the final release period shame on you Bioware!! That being that the game itself is great. I give this game a 9.5 out of 10. Even thought I was upset with the DLC mess I could not bring myself to distract from the title because of poor project management.