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Thread: CS for n00b

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    Default CS for n00b

    Yeah...I'm the n00b.

    I installed CS 1.6 and run it and then pressed ` key and entered


    but it doesn't connect, am I doing something wrong?

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    Default Re: CS for n00b

    Reading the titles, I thought you wanted to say that cs was for noobs...

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    Default Re: CS for n00b

    no...ur not doing nything wrong..i doubt bdgaming eer CS 1.6 server ta ON ase. ar akhon CS S eer tao off,register at ZX online website to play 1.6

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    Default Re: CS for n00b

    I need the patch v40 to play, right?

    currently my patch is v23

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    Default Re: CS for n00b

    OK, I installed another version of CS 1.6 v40 from digitalzone, then i downloaded the patch from zx online (which changed the CS opening page...grrr) then the SXE software. and already registered on the ZX online server

    So to run the game on the server, I first turned on the sxe software then CS, and then clicked "connect to zx online server" which dosent let me in!! so In the FAQ page of ZX they tell me to put this - setinfo "_pw" "yourpassword" on config.cfg in the cstrike folder. Of course yourpassword being the password i give to the username.

    Now the thing is the config.cfg is a "file" file which tells me to choose a program to open it, so I opened it on notepad and typed the info in th bottom but same problem, so someone HELP!!

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    Default Re: CS for n00b

    write the same thing in userconfig.cfg (these files are supposed to be opened by notepad) except ommit setinfo .. so it should be "_pw" "yourpassword" .. and keep in mind that the server needs to be restarted for this info to be registered into the server database, so you wont get access until the server restarts .. and also dont forget to check if you registered correctly by seeing that list (you'll find it somewhere in the zxonline cs page) .. if your name isnt there then you probably did what i did at first -- you registered to the forum not for the server .. the server registration form is in the bottom of the cs page ..

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    Default Re: CS for n00b

    OK, so apparently you were right I did register the forum and not the server, so I quickly entered to it. If u are right, then the server hasnt been restarted yet, I am not registered to the server. But I checked the member page, and found that I was on the list:

    But it didnt work, so let me show u what i did:

    I changed the player name to the one i am using: onemanbd

    as youve said I opened config in notepad and put the infos

    then the user config

    And from the forum registration reply they told me to create a file autoexec and put in the same thing as config:

    So, have I done anything wrong? or the server havent been restarted yet?
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    Default Re: CS for n00b

    apni register korar kotokkhon por try korsen??

    but anyway .. ami ato kisu kori nai .. i just wrote the line

    "_pw" "yourpassword" in my userconfig.cfg (not config.cfg) .. and it worked when i tried the next day .. so i dont actually know if what you did will work when the server restarts .. but jeita amar (+ arekjoner) ta kaj kortese oitai koren and hopefully you'll be able to get in ..

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    Default Re: CS for n00b

    Thanks man, its working now, though cant see anyone playing now!!!

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