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Thread: Dota 2 on BTCL

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    Lightbulb Dota 2 on BTCL

    Though it might be known to others,i need some help.

    Dota 2 is playable with BTCL connection with wtfast. First download and install wtfast.Then select free user(trial) and log in.In game configuration write dota 2 and it will appear on a game list and will configure game settings automatically.For selecting server select with "sort by ping". For Bangladesh,singapur servers are better.After that play!!
    wtfast can be used for reducing pings too.But it will only works for broadband connection.It won't work on wimax or wifi connection.

    Here's i need help: its only 30 days trial.So does anyone know how to crack it for free use or any way.I thought a way but not sure as i'm using wimax at home right now.Whatever . . . before installing wtfast make a system recovery/restore point with specific name.Then install wtfast and after 30 days expiration,restore your system that u did before installing.Restore will remove wtfast and others software installed after wtfast.then install wtfast again.But if anyone know how to crack it for free use or any way,plz let us know

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    Whats the ping you get on that connection?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace_ View Post
    Whats the ping you get on that connection?
    with wimax 512kbps i get 150ms ping avg.but with broadband(512kbps) + wtfast its between 90 to 200ms.

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    with btcl broadband connection ping 50-80 ms

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    any solution without reboot???????????????????????

    btw help me

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