As we already wrote here, AMD's new Open CL driver brought some surprise with two strings mentioning HD 5900 series cards. We managed to find out that these will indeed be dual-GPU incarnation of Hemlock, but without the (in)famous X2 suffix, something that has been a tradition so far.

Of course, AMD is quite silent when asked about this topic, and nothing can be confirmed directly from AMD, but as far as we heard so far, there is a plan for a single card, the HD 59x0. We are still not sure why there are two device ID's in the AMD Open CL driver but AMD might have put it just in case if they decide to come up with another card as well, based on dual HD 5850 GPUs.

Hemlock, or the HD 5900 series, as it can be called from now on, is ATI's stand against Nvidia's Fermi which has yet to show its face and performance, as it certainly looks good on paper. (So does communism. sub.ed.)

Looks like AMD is moving away from their traditional X2 namings for dual GPU cards.