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    Default Raindrop

    Raindrop Is A Surreal Survival Game That Looks Spectacular And Is Inspired By Half Life 2 & STALKER

    Back in May, we informed you about Raindrop; a surreal, environment driven, first-person survival game that is powered by the Unity engine. Well, good news everyone as the team behind it has launched a Kickstarter campaign for it. Raindrop is inspired by Half Life 2 and STALKER, and aims to raise $144K in the next 21 days.

    Raindrop revolves around a horror themed storyline. According to the team, the chilling and breathtaking atmospheres will keep players inching around each corner while uncovering the hidden truth behind the complex and its inhabitants. Players will be able to scavenge items to build objects in order to piece together complex puzzles, or dangerous death traps, as well as gather hints and schematics to unveil rewards and information.

    Raindrop will feature a full body dynamic animation system, a dynamic weather and day and night environment cycle system, advanced enemy pathfinding and combat AI for realistic battles, physics/fluid/electrical/mechanical/logic based puzzles, advanced item looting and customization system, weight and size based inventory system, procedurally generated item and enemy spawn locations, as well as levels with drivable, interactive and customizable vehicles.

    Raindrop is currently being planned for release on PC, Mac and Linux. (Source)


    Raindrop Teaser
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