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Genre: sandbox survival
Developer:Flix Interactive
Release: TBA
KickStarter has just added an ambitious new game project to its roster. Eden Star is being developed by Flix Interactive and is based on Epic Games' new Unreal Engine 4 game engine which boasts of next-generation graphics and console support as well.
Eden Star is being labelled as a "sandbox survival-creation game" where the player has to gather resources to survive. Earth is barren and has been laid to waste by humans, and thus resources need to be extracted from elsewhere, the hostile Pharus 7 planet in this case. Eden Star also has a Steam Greenlight page, and the developer is hoping to collect £620,000 from KickStarter so as to be able to cover development costs and finally release the game on Steam.
All backers will get to download a pre-alpha combat tech demo once the KickStarter campaign is successfully funded, following which there will be an Alpha, Beta and the final release on Steam.
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Eden Star's key features include:

-Innovative physics-driven combat; grab, blast and smash your way around the world. Defend your creations and explore Pharus 7 using the powerful RMD (Remote Manipulation Device, aka Tool) grafted to your forearm
-Real-time, physics-based destruction and construction; break and then rebuild the environment around you as you see fit
-Fully dynamic free running movement system
-Advanced AI that can react and adapt to an ever-changing landscape
-Define the way you want to play; create structures, traps and automated defenses to protect your Eden Kit and expand your outpost
-Customize your character; change and upgrade the RMD powers at your disposal