I'm from Rajshahi and under Talaimari Exchange. I applied for the connection at 23rd of the September and got it at 29th. The UL, DL speed and ping is good while it's connected. I'm using TP Link TD-W8901N ADSL2+ modem and router and ADSL modulation was set to G.dmt. But I get frequent DC's at daytime (usually 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM). But at nighttime the connection stays rock solid. Then I played a little with the adsl modulation types and observed that if I set modulation to Auto Sync Up at daytime, the modem auto sets the modulation type to ADSL2+ and then it gets less DCs at daytime, but I need to change the modulation to G.dmt at nighttime. Anyone knows what may be the reason of this time dependent strange behavior?

Line stats: Distance from exchange: 260m (160m from the distribution box), no joint in the cable.

Modem stats under different modulation settings:


SNR: ~7.5 to 13 dB
Attenuation: ~9 to 11 dB

Auto Sync Up / ADSL2+:

SNR: ~6.5 to 12.5 dB
Attenuation: ~11 to 13 dB

These frustrating DCs apart, the connection quality and the overall experience is quite good. If anyone can shade some light into why the modulation settings needs to be changed at the evening and in the morning would be really great.