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Thread: PS2 modding

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    Default PS2 modding

    A well i think you have heard this a million times. My auntie brought a PS2 slim SCPS-90004 from Dubai.\
    Now its not modded and it cannot be used to play pirated games. Now i know \i can mod the ps2 and fix the problem\

    but thats not what i want. There is other systems to get around this problem. We can use swapmagic and a hdd or another method using a boot file to load a cracked game.

    Just for my curiosity i need to examine and use all the system there is.

    Now I am asking all the BG member to help me out here. I am going to mod the ps2 later. but i need to use all the methods first to understand the ps2 hardware better.

    Also i want to mod the ps2 myself. So if anyone can provide me a mod chip regarding my model it will be appreciated.

    also i need a ps2 and a ps1 original game. Dont have to be a good game or anythink. Only the game disk has to be able to pass as a valid ps2 game. And the game can be severly scratched i dont care as long as it turns as a valid ps2 game. Meaning it will load perfectly. If it doesnt work in certain levels it doesnt matter.

    Thanks to everyone
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